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Dear Jim,

Please paint me the final round of Salvador Dali’s surrealist version of Countdown. One of the contestants is Danny Dyer and the other is the ghost of some swiss cheese. Naturally the clock has melted and Danny’s head has exploded whilst attempting to solve a particularly surreal crucial conundrum.

Ta very much,


Luis Suárez having a pre-match nap

Had quite a few emails from people wanting to see Suárez indulging in some further form of vampirism - thanks to Steve Chapman, Conor O’Hare, Jamie Luke Robinson and whoever else suggested it.

It’s….. Soap Fighter 2!

Proud to finally present my collaboration with the talented chaps at Mashed: your favourite soap characters battle it out Street Fighter style!

Based on Rib Herdman’s original suggestion ‘Coronation Street Fighter 2’ and featuring original music by Joe ‘Gizmode’ Charles. All lovingly drawn on Microsoft Paint as always. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Dear Jim,

The late Kim Jong-il was a massive fan of both the Spice Girls and fancy dress. Could you paint me a collage of Polaroids he took dressed up as every member standing in front of a giant letter such that it spells the word ‘Spice’. Note he hasn’t taken his glasses off for any of the pictures and when dressed as ginger spice he is wearing a North Korean flag dress instead of the Union Jack dress. He has also included magazine cut outs saying ‘girl power’ and ‘spice up your life’.

This might complete my life.


PGD (Dave)

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