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Time for another photo competition I reckon. Last year’s winners Dave Edwards and friends each won an exclusive Jim’ll Paint It T-shirt for their ambitious recreation of The Three Legged Toffee Crisp.

This year I’m upping the stakes. Not only will the winner get a T-shirt, print and a set of mugs but I’ll also paint you whatever you like. This is a rare chance to jump the request queue (which now runs into the hundreds of thousands) so get involved! Just pick an existing painting and do your best to recreate it in real life. Submissions must be posted on my Facebook wall to be considered. The winner will be picked on the 1st September. Good luck!

National Geographic asked me to summarise the 1990s in one image. This is what I came up with.

This is doubly relevant as I’m off to reach for the lasers myself at the wonderful Boomtown festival for a few days. I’m not bringing a copy of Paint with me I’m afraid but I’ll see you all when I get back. Bye!

Handy Andy and Tommy Walsh, having attached belt sanders to their feet like roller skates, are jousting with metre-long drill bits in their drill of choice. Tommy Walsh has opted for a sensible 36V Bosch SDS hammer drill; while Handy Andy only has a second hand Ryobi 12V drill with a missing battery as it’s all he could afford. The joust is taking place in the engine room of the Event Horizon.

As requested by Ben

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