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Some £1 designs from this morning’s competition

"Michael Barrymore, giving a thumbs up with ‘Awight?’ round the edge" - Garry Brogden

"Prince Harry in his SS uniform" - Thomas Nugent

"This is a serious issue. Something simple, yet elegant. Something that can really demonstrate how great Britain is. Obviously it has to be the crudely drawn cock and balls." - Phil Jones

I’ll be submitting one of these to
HM Royal Treasury so fingers crossed.

Here’s the reward picture for the winners of the photo competition: Eirah Lewis, Adam Young and Matt Young. They wanted the following… so here it is. They’ll also be getting a canvas print and T-shirt each.

"The 3 of us battling the Psychedelic Cosmic octopus (badly) while God (played by Gazza) tries to rescue us with a fishing rod and chicken. Meanwhile in the foreground a greyhound dressed like Charles Dickens licks the frosting off some doughnuts."

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