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It’s World Book Night tonight and good friend and thoroughly nice chap Andy Miller has just written a book called The Year of Reading Dangerously. As I owe him one big time I offered to paint whatever he wanted and this is what he came up with…

Dear Jim,

Please could you paint Dan Brown sinking to his knees in despair after being humiliated in a game of crazy golf by Herman Melville, author of ‘Moby-Dick’, much to the appreciation of a crowd of spectators including Jane Austen, T.S. Eliot, William Shakespeare and Michel Houellebecq. 

Thank you,

Andy Miller

Mightily proud to announce the coming of a Jim’ll Paint It book.

Electric Dreams: The Collected Work of Jim’ll Paint It will be published by Faber & Faber later this year and will feature 100 of the best of my paintings including some exclusive, never-before-seen pieces.

If you would like your idea to be in the book you can send it to me by clicking ‘Ask me anything’. In keeping with the central premise of Jim’ll Paint It if your request is chosen as an exclusive you’ll get a free, signed copy of my book.

Good luck!

Thanks to Dave Skywalker for the nice ‘n’ humble Moses-style image suggestion.

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